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CKFinder Readme

CKFinder 3 for PHP

Thank you for choosing CKFinder.


Use to report issues in CKFinder 3 (and its documentation) or submit feature requests.

If you are unsure what information to provide when reporting a bug, check!/guide/dev_issues_readme


In order to submit translations for CKFinder please visit


CKFinder is made from two parts: the client side part and the server side connector(s).

The client side part is common across all distributions (PHP and ASP.NET, Java in the future), while the server side parts are different for each language, that's why there are multiple documentation websites available.

CKFinder 3 Documentation -

This website contains documentation about the client side part of CKFinder, common for all versions of CKFinder 3 and includes information about:

CKFinder 3 for PHP Documentation -

This website contains documentation about the PHP connector for CKFinder 3 and includes information about:


Copyright (c) 2007-2016, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved.

To purchase a license for CKFinder visit

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